Model Exit Exam for BSc in Statistics, 2016

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Model Exit Exam for BSc in Statistics at Salale University, 2016 E.C

The Model Exit Exam Has 120  Multiple Choose Questions.

                  Please try to answer all questions !

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1) ___is the study of the childbearing performance of individuals, couples, groups, and populations.

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2) To assign a value 1, 2 , 3,4,5, 6 and 7 to a variable x in R, which one of the following is the correct assignment?

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3) Which one of the following r commands is correct to conduct two sample t-tests (or independent-samples T-test), by assuming equal population variance?

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4) One of the following is/are properties of R software :

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5) Which one of the following r commands is correct to conduct two sample t-tests

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6) Which one of the following r codes can be used to draw 100 random numbers from a poisson distribution with lamda 4?

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7) Which one of the followings is used for writing as well as executing commands on r software?

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8) Which function is used to create the vector with more than one element?

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9) One of the following is considered as a menu in SPSS software

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10) One of the following is considered as the most commonly used editing techniques of SPSS outputs

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11) Which one of the following is true?

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12) Which one of the following is not true about levels of measurement on SPSS

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13) If someone is interested to consider females only under variable gender for analysis,which menu will be used to do so?

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14) Which of the following is true about a Data Editor window on SPSS

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15) Which one of the following is True about varaible naming in SPSS software:

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16) _____is the average number of children that would be born to a woman by the time she ended childbearing if she were to pass through all her childbearing years conforming to the age-specific fertility rates of a given year.

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17) Which one of the following is not true about census servey

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18) _____is the study of the child bearing performance of individuals, couples, groups and populations.

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19) Which of the following is/are true?

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20) If we would like to consider the level of population replacement of a specific region, as well as the factors of mortality among mothers during their childbearing, we have to estimate ____

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Which of these terms means “A movement of peoples from one region to another within the same country”?

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22) Which one of the following is true about dependency ratio(DR)?

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23) Which one of the following is/are true about the properties of simple logistic regression?

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24) The logistic regression model parameter is estimated by using _____ methods

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25) Which of the fooling is not true about simple Poisson regression model that uses continuous predictor variable?

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26) Which of the following statement is not true?

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27) Suppose a health scientist has the condition of patients in some hospital rated as (serious, fair and good) as a response variable and he has the desire to regress the response to a set of patient’s characteristics. Which method is the most appropriate method?

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28) The appropriate modelling applied for a categorical response variable with three or more categories could be ?______

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29) Which of the following is true about goodness-of-fit for a logistic model?

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30) Suppose a model was fitted predicting the result of entrance exam for some job (fail=1, pass=0) in SLU as a function of age (x) in years, the predicted logit equation obtained was logit (π(x))= 2+0.6age with the standard error of the coefficient=.02. For this prediction equation,

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31) In studying the of association between smoking status and cancer the interval (1.3, 1.5) is the 95% confidence interval of the odds ratio with respect to smoking status and lung cancer. What can one say about the true odds ratio?

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32) Which of the following refers to a relatively high correlation among the independent

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33) In a regression analysis if SSE = 200 and SSR = 300, then the coefficient of determination is ___________

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34) If the correlation coefficient is 0.8, the percentage of variation in the response variable explained by the variation in the explanatory variable is____________

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35) If two variables x  and y, have a very strong linear relationship and y is considered as dependent and X be the independent variables, then ____________

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36) If there is non-linear relationship between the corresponding repressor’s (independent variables x’s) and the response variable (Y) and undesirable residual pattern occur, then the appropriate method to correct it can be:

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37) Which one of the following is true about Heteroskedasticity and residual in regression, respectively ?

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38) In regression analysis, the variable that is being predicted is the __________

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39) One of the following is an analysis method used to model the relationship between one continuous dependent variable and one or more continuous or discrete independent variables

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40) Regression modelling is a statistical framework for developing a mathematical equation that describes how __________

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41) Moving average method isused for measurement of trend when________

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42) A time series model has fitted to some historical data and yielding Yt = 25+0.34Yt-1 + εt. Suppose that at time T=100, the observation is Y100 = 28, then what is the forecasts for periods 101?

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43) Identify the wrong statment

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44) Which of the following Forecasts can be made on a basis using judgment, intuition, commercial knowledge and any other relevant information?

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45) Which of the following is a common technique for estimating the trend component in a time series with seasonality?

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46) Which of the following is a common method for detecting seasonality in a time series?

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47) Any regular fluctuations with a period of less than one year are called___

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48) The time series model has been fitted to some historical data having 100 observations asYt =εt – 0.5 εt-1.What is order of this model?

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49) Which of the following statements is correct?

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50) What is the primary objective of the Box-Jenkins methodology in time series analysis?

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51) Identify the method that is not used to estimate the seasonal indices in Time sereie analysis.

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52) Which measure is commonly used to assess the quality of healthcare in health data analysis?

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53) What does the term “dropout rate” refer to in education data analysis?

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54) Which measure is commonly used to analyze labor data to assess employment trends?

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55) If someone lists a car or other product or service in the classifieds section of a newspaper, another consumer can buy that car directly from the seller. Which one of the following is the correct transaction?

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56) An Investigators go back several decades to get the records of the factory workers from a manufacturing company. These workers could be investigated on how exposure to particular radiation from the machines affected them over the years. Which one of the following studies is correct to study this case?

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57) A researcher wants middle-aged truck drivers who vary in terms of smoking habits, to test the hypothesis that the 20-year incidence rate of lung cancer will be highest among heavy smokers, followed by moderate smokers, and then nonsmokers. Which one of the following studies is correct to study this case?

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58) The main types of measurement scales in Categorical or qualitative variables are __

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59) A process that can be repeated any number of times under similar conditions and it is possible to enumerate the total number of outcomes without predicting an individual outcome

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60) Let we have the values of X=( 2,3,6, and 100). Then which one of the measure of central tendency is the most appropriate measure of central tendency for X.

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61) If X is a random variable and takes only specific or selectecd valuse, and these values are obtained through counting is called__________ variable.

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62) _____ is a measures which measure of the spread of data around the mean?

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63) The measure of variation which gives the number of standard deviation a particular observation Lie above orbelow the mean is known as________.

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64) Which one of the following methods is an example of primary data collection ?

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65) Which one of the following measures of dispersion used to make comparison in terms of the variability of two distributions which have different unit of measurement

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66) When to use two the power of three factorial design?

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67) Which one is not the basic principle of experimental design

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68) An engineer designing a battery for use in a device that will be subjected to some extreme variations in temperature. The only design parameter that he can select at this point is the plate material for the battery, and he has three possible choices. Temperature can be controlled in the product development laboratory for the purpose of the test. All three plate materials tested at three temperature levels (15, 70, and 125 oF), four batteries are tested at each combinations plate material and temperature, and all 36 tests are performed in random. From this information complete the ANOVA table and answer the following question.From the above problem which factor is significant effect of battery life?

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69) When do we have to use factorial design?

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70) Why do researcher and experimenters use nested design?

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71) If the researcher’s interest is generalized only about the treatments involved in the experiment, then the statistical model is

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72) If the nuisance factors are unknown and uncontrollable, then which method is used to balance their impact?

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73) In a single factor experiment of CRD with a treatment level, the a-l treatment means pairs are compared with one of the treatment mean called control. The test procedure that compare the a-1 treatments means with control treatment mean is called____

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74) In certain multifactor experiments, the levels of one factor are similar but not identical for a different level of another factor is called ___________.

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75) The design of experiment in which the effects of the levels of a factor are considered at various levels of the other factor is ____

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76) Which on of the following statement is correct about completerly randimozed design, a single factor experiment

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77) Which one of the following is true about split-plot design?

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78) Which one is the advantage that nonparametric methods have over parametric methods?

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79) Assume that that a researcher want to test the hypothiesis for two samples mean comparison and He/She use a 95% confidence interval for the mean diffence to decided the hypothesis. If confidence interval for the mean difference does not contain 0, then what should be the decision of the researcher based on the confidence interval?

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80)   A non-parametric test would be used for

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81) _______is a hypothesis test used to compare the mean charactersistics of a variable across more two different groups.

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82) Assume that a simple random sample of 25 automobile tiers was drawn from a normally distributed population of certain production run. The mean and standard deviation of the lifetime of the tiers were 2200 miles and 500 miles, respectively. A 95% confidence interval for the mean lifetime of all tiers in this production line is_____?(t.025(25) =0.6844)

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83) What test can be used to test the difference between two sample means when the population variances are known?

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84) As sample size increases the values of an estimator approaches to the values of estimator this estimated is?

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85) Which one of the following is true about t distribution

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86) ___ is procedure that results in which a single values of statistic is used to estimate a parameter when the investigator doesn’t have prior information

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87) The null hypothesis for chi-square test for independence is that the variable are

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88) The degrees of freedom for test goodness of fit in chi-square is___?

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89) Which of the following random variable is often referred to as a discrete
waiting-time of random variable and represents how long (in terms of the number of failures) one
waits for the rth success.

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90) Suppose X1, X1, …, Xn are random variables distributed as standard normal distribution with mean µ_i=0, and standard deviations δ_i=1 and independent, then Y =〖X^2〗_(1,)+ 〖X^2〗_2 + 〖X^2〗_3+⋯+〖X^2〗_n is will be distributed as________

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91) A shipment of 20 digital voice recorders contains 5 that are defective.
If 10 of them are randomly chosen for inspection with replacement, what is the probability that 2
of the 10 will be defective?

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92) Suppose that the life time of certain light bulb is exponentially distributed with mean 100
bulbs. If 10 such light bulb is installed simultaneously, then,What is the expected life time of the distribution of the life of the light bulb that fails first?

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93) Let X1 and X2 be two independent standard normal random variables. Let, Y1=X1+X2 and Y2= X2-X1. Then, what is the joint distribution of Y1 and Y2?

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94) One of the following distribution is a distribution that answers the question of “how many trials needed to get the first success?

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95) The ration of two independent standard normal random variables has a………… distibution.

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96) If we have two independent chi-square random variables X and Y with degree freedom d and f, respectively. Then ratio of the chi-square distribution given by: T = (X⁄d)/(Y⁄f) is ___,

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97) A random sample of 20 observations is selected from a normally distributed population. The sample variance is 12.96. In the 95 percent confidence interval for the population variance, the upper limit will be:

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98) In Cramer-Rao Inequality var (sample statistic) is called.

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99) An estimator is UMVUE if it is unbiased, sufficient and.

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100) Sand is packed into bags which are then weighed on scales. It is known that if full bags of sand are intended to weigh μ kg, then the weight recorded by the scales will be normally distributed with a mean μ kg and a standard deviation of 0.36kg. A particular bag of sand was weighed four times and the weight recorded each time was different. The sample mean weight was recorded as 34.7kg. What is a 95percent confidence interval for the true weight of the full bag of sand?

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101) Which one of the statements below is correct?

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102) Which of the following statements is not correct?

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103) Inferential statistics is the:

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104) Which one of the following statement is true?

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105) One of the following is correct about lot formation from the perspective of quality control

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106) Which one of the following is true about control charts used to detect whether the process is in control or out control?

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107) A supper market owner want to buy Sky Soap from the manufacturer with lot size 100 items with fraction of incoming defective for the entire lots is 10 % and the number of acceptance is 2. Using single sampling plan, the supermarket owner randomly selects 10 packed soaps for inspection and observes the number of defective. The number of non-conforming/defective/ is distributed as binomial distribution. The probability of acceptance (Pa) and average total inspections (ATI) is _____ and _____, respectively.

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108) In quality control, acceptance sampling is most likely to be not useful when:

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109) The basic role of statistical quality control in the product producing and service delivering modern business organization is____________

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110) ___ is a cause variation in the quality characteristics of a product and distributed as non-normal or non- random manner.

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111) In survey study, interviewer are liable to have mistaken and some of the ways the supervisor checks the quality of interviewing be:

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112) One of the following is the main purpose of pilot survey:

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113) _____ a questionnaire in where a pre-determined list of alternate responses is presented to the respondent for checking the appropriate one and the answers are restricting to limited ranges of response

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114) _ is a sampling method used when population is divided in to non-overlapping but exhaustive groups and elements in the same group should be more or less heterogeneous while homogeneous in different group.

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115) Direction: Read the following two paragraphs carefully and answer the questions: The Ministry of Education aimed to study academic performance trends and job opportunities of graduated students from 1999 to 2013 E.C across Ethiopian universities graduated students. In the first stage, the study randomly selected 15 (10 from government and 5 from private) universities out of 80 (45 government and 35 private) universities. In the second stage, it randomly selected 10 departments from each university. Lastly, 300 former graduated students from each department were included in the survey and the data was collected from the samples. The study finding report was written using more detailed and complex statistical techniques for other researchers or project managers who are interested in the technical details of research design, sampling design, statistical method, and tables. Based on the above Paragraph under direction, what type of survey design and report did the Ministry of Education use to study the academic performance and job opportunities of graduated students?

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116) Mr. A is a Guinness statistics professor; do you like to be his student and advisee?” In the above question, which type of question writing (phrasing) problem, do we find?

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117) ____ is type of longitudinal survey study in which it surveyed the same subjects (people, group or organization) at different times over an extended period.

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118) _____is a questionnaire in which a pre-determined list of alternate responses is presented to the respondent for checking the appropriate one and the answers are restricting to limited ranges of response.

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119) In sample size determination for a single stage sampling, which on is one of the following is needed?

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120) An inquiry on small number of study unit in which greater detail investigation can be done without considering randomness of unit is called ______.

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