Logistics and supply chain management Model Exit Exam 2016

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Logistics and supply chain management Model Exit Exam 2016

Choose the Best Answer From The Alternative

Fill the following

Which one is a not logistics performance measurement

Which one is false about difference between domestic and global logistics integrations is

Which one are external integration barriers in logistics?

Some of the services offered by fourth party logistics (4PL) are

Which one of the following is correct about customer accommodation?

The gap that may exist between customers’ real expectation and managers’ perception of those expectations is

Which one of the following is correct about differences between Forward and reverse logistics?

Which one are the objectives of supply chain integration

In the generic value chain of logistics Inbound and outbound logistics is called

Which one of the following are not measures of supply chain operational performance

Matching the timing of supply with demand requirements by coordinate the flow of materials, products, and information between supply chain partners to reduce duplication and unwanted redundancy to an absolute minimum is

Mr X is electronic products importer into the country. However, he lost documents required for importing that is requested by the custom authority. The intention of the authorities was to check where he brings the products because there are some countries that banned to sell their products to the other countries. Hence, what will be that document that justifies the above statement?

An “open account” transaction gives all of the advantages to the

The process of overseeing and managing the delivery of goods from origin to destination is

Which one of the following are not types of import customs clearing documents

Freight classification that treating jewelry and ordinary food items differently is termed as

When the companies better to use freight forwarders

Which one is the best known air freight company in the world?

One of the following is not duties and responsibilities of Ethiopian custom authority

A contractual assurance by the foreign buyer's bank to pay once the exporter ships the goods and presents the required documentation to the exporter's bank as evidence is

Among the following one is not an important factor for freight classification

Ethiopian custom route goods entering into or exiting from the country via Somalia is

The correct sequence of supply chain drivers is

Supply chain operations that concerns about purchasing, consumption management, vendor selection, contract negotiation and contract management

The most common dynamics in supply chains is phenomena that have been the bullwhip effect that happens due to small changes in product demand by the consumer at the front of the supply chain translate into wider and wider fluctuates in demand experienced by companies further back in the supply chain. So, among the following one is not major causes of bullwhip effect in the supply chain?

To create good aggregate plan it is better to use production capacity to match demand by adding or eliminating plant capacity as needed. But, it is risk it doesn’t redeemed the time. So when is best to use production capacity to match demand

Which one is true about supply chain operation in terms of delivery?

 Which supply chain operations is part of outbound logistics

The limiting of products to customers that are in high demand and short supply is

Build to stock Performance measures is needed when

Forecasting methods that depend up on historical demand pattern is best described by

Safety inventory is intended to compensate for the uncertainty in the supply chain; Seasonal inventory is a compensation for what

What is the purpose of collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) in supply chain management?

What is the purpose of demand-driven supply chains?

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of corporate social responsibility?

Which one of the following is not allowed in Sustainable Packaging?

Which one of the following is false about sustainable transportation?

There are three main elements of supply chain sustainability are;

Which of the following is NOT a type of supply chain sustainability initiative?

What is the concept of resilient supply chain in sustainable supply chain management?

Which one is false about independent and dependent demand inventory?

Economic order quantity (EOQ) and economic production quantity (EPQ) can share common assumptions except which one

Which one of the following is true about forecasting?

Stock discrepancy where the variation between calculated and physical stock is very small compared with the overall quantities involved is

Kadar has Aqua qorahe water distributor outlet in kebridehar city, in the down town. His annual demand is 20,000 units; the ordering cost is 93 birr and hold/carrying cost 125. So, how much units Kadar should order (EOQ) to minimize cost and increase revenue?

What does the term “Just-in-Time” (JIT) refer to in supply chain management?

The term used to describe defined as a system of collaborative inventory management between a buyer and seller is;

A type of material classification method based on their unit value or rate is called

Which one is not about the attributes of negotiation?

Integrative negotiation is characterized by;

In the fundamental strategies of distributive bargaining, the important tactics that are applied are;

Performance management of contractors involves the following, except the one:

What is a best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA)?

Tactics in negotiation are demonstrated when negotiators conceal their interest in front of the other party is

in adversarial tactics of negotiation which of the following reaction and outcome is less likely to happen

What are the two dilemmas of negotiation?

The term “contractual remedies” refers to:

The process of actively managing contract performance, including monitoring deliverables and ensuring compliance, is known as

The term “due diligence” in contract management refers to

Public bodies shall use which types of bidding as the ideal procedure of procurement

Which one is false about government procurement plan

A Public body shall issue invitation to bid for a second time under the following circumstances

If there is no appropriate bidding system in government procurement, then

Restricted tendering is appropriate method of procurement when

Which one is a not criterion for eligibility requirements for bidder

If one of the following is there, it is not advised to go into the international market to purchase goods and services

International tendering process shall be satisfy the following criteria except

In bid evaluation in international procurement, which one is correct statement

which one is correct about foreign procurement and domestic procurement

which one of the following is not compulsory documents in foreign purchasing;

The Issuing bank in foreign purchasing is

  Which of the following is NOT a challenge faced by global supply chains?

Which one of the following INCOTREMS is available only for sea and inland waterway?

Specific elements of a security policy who is trying to access the site is

Which one of the following is not e- payment methods;

1.      One frequent problem in supply chain management is the bullwhip effect due to inaccurate information, but, if there is accurate information which one occurred;

Sending requests for information and prices to suppliers and receiving the responses of suppliers using internet technology is;

If you have water manufacturing company and you have a high market and a good image due to your strong desire for corporate social responsibility. Hence, your company informed customers to return the used bottle to the company with a fair payment to combat climate change. Thus, the return of customers used bottles to the company is related to;

the most commonly type of e-commerce model in that helps online businesses attempt to reach individual consumers

Which of the following is a benefit of using electronic data interchange (EDI) in supply chain management?

collaborative network that uses internet technology to link businesses with their suppliers, customers or other businesses that share common goals

Which technology has the potential to revolutionize supply chain transparency by providing an immutable record of transactions?

Risks and impacts of E-procurement are

One of the following is not the reasons behind bank has the right not to approve online financial transaction is;

Which of the following is a benefit of implementing a supply chain information system?

The most important thing in research is

is the device through which the factors that seem to explain what has been observed by researcher in the course of the study can be better understood and it also provides a theoretical conception which can serve as a guide for further researches

The process of assigning numerals or other symbols to answers so that responses can be put into a limited number of categories or classes is categorized in

Sampling each element in the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample

Which one of the following is part of inferential statistics?

Among the following one is termed as blue print or glue of research

rejecting the true null hypothesis leads to

Abstract in research is similar with

The main feature of secondary source of data is

Research process generally starts with

Good research reports will always

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