2nd Round Logistics and Supply chain Mnanagement Model Exit Exam


2nd Round Logistics and Supply chain Mnanagement Model Exit Exam

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______is a group of people who are the focus of the interest of researcher.

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The key players in any transportation that takes place within a supply chain are

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Which one of the following economic utilities extremely provided by logistics?

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What is the role of a customs tariff in customs procedures?

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An inventory decision rule states that when the inventory level goes down to 14 gearboxes, 100 gearboxes will be ordered. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

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E-commerce payment system in which the buyer is clearly identified and the card is validated against computer of the issuing bank computer before payment is made is known as _____?

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Type of research that aims at finding a solution for an immediate problem faced by any business organization is known as?

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What is the purpose of a packing list in customs procedures?

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One among the following aims to reduce the impact of factors such as pollutants, deforestation, ozone depletion, and global warming affecting the environment

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A supply chain is alternatively referred to by what name?

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A bid may be rejected under all of the following circumstances except cases where:

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What are the most critical precursors for achieving negotiation objectives?

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A salesman may be using _____ if he lies to you or makes promises he cannot fulfill.

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A foundry produces circular utility access hatches (manhole covers). If 120 covers are produced in a 10-hour shift, the productivity of the line is

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MRP is a _____________ function

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Someone who works at Procter & Gamble, who is responsible for the production, marketing, and profitability of the Tide detergent product line is called a:

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All of the following are typical processes involved in supply chain management except _____.

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A legal document that travels with the shipment and describes exactly what is in the shipment is —

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Which one of the following statements is false?

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Which document is used to prove the value and authenticity of goods?

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OB is the study of _____________ in the organization

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What does the consolidation services of a freight forwarder do for the customer?

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A research paper is a brief report of research work based on _____

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Ali and Gemechu are both university students studying for a final exam in OB. Both students have a goal of making a grade of 90 percent or better despite the time pressures they seem to be facing. Gemechu studied diligently for six hours and made a grade percent of 92 percent. Ali studied diligently for nine hours and also made a grade of 92 percent. Referring to Scenario 1-3, which of the students was effective

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Which one of the following is not correct about evaluation of tender?

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Which types of information systems produce a variety of information about products and services for internal and external use?

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Felicia manages the training department. She notices that Adam, the training assistant, is bored performing the same, repetitive tasks and often has idle time throughout the day. The low morale of Adam concerns Felicia since he is a good employee. Which of the following actions would BEST address this situation?

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_______means that an Ethiopian importer is allowed to use his/her own hard currency for the payment of the goods instead of applying for it and getting it from the government

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All of the following are potential benefits of B2B e-commerce except:

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Which types of logistics concerned with receiving and storing raw materials and components that are needed for production?

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All are the factors that affect foreign procurement except —

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Which one of the following states that end items are to be produced, when these items are needed, and what quantities are needed?

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Which one of the following design options of the transport network is that a truck either delivers a product from a single supplier to multiple retailers or goes from multiple suppliers to a single buyer location?

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Which supply chain strategy would be best when the demand uncertainty is high and firms want to respond to customers quickly?

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Quantitative research involves

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What is triple bottom line?

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Which one of the following characteristics is not necessarily true about groups?

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Which of the following is not listed as one of the values of service characteristics for transportation?

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Which supply chain information system tools are used to automate transactions such as order entry, order processing, transportation, and related financial transactions?

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Which type of processing system tends to produce the most product variety?

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The process of determining what needs to be purchased and when so that it is most helpful to the project is known as what?

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Which type of items is the appropriate procurement strategy to force competition between suppliers, when there are many suppliers to choose from for these items?

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A job shop is an example of a(n):

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In which phase of the development process are all design decisions completed?

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Which one is/are doesn’t explain about narrow span of control

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One key reason for increasing importance of transportation from a supply chain perspective is:

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Which of the following statements about the class rate system is false?

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Which of the following statements about the basic EOQ model is FALSE?

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Which of the following supply chain strategies creates value by allowing suppliers to have economies of scale?

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The two main styles of research are ______

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Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding PESTEL analysis?

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Tina is a CEO of a large manufacturing company that she wants to move overseas. The culture there is very different and Tina knows that she has to prepare for the meetings there. Which of the following would be a good solution to one of the first obstacles she is going to encounter?

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One is not the economic measure among the following?

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From the perspective of logistics, customer is ______.

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The more you can convince the other that you value a particular outcome outside the bargaining range of the other, the more pressure you put on the other party to set by one of the following resistance points:

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The internal growth strategies in which an organization expands itself into different areas, whether related or unrelated to its core business called______.

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Which one of the following is incorrect about e-commerce?

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Gourmet Pretzels bakes soft pretzels on an assembly line. It currently bakes 800 pretzels each eight-hour shift. If the production is increased to 1,2…

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All of the following are challenges of Strategic Supply Chain Management, except ________.

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Samantha owns a line of shops which sell luxurious cakes and desserts. Most of her ingredients come from Brazil, but a recent increase in tariffs has forced her to think about her supplying options. She is thinking about whether or not to pay for the higher new price or find a new supplier. What does this impact MOST?

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Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding supply chain management?

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Which one of the following information technology systems, is a highly analytical application whose purpose is to assess plant capacity, material availability, and customer demand?

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_____ is the specification of methods and procedures for acquiring the information needed to structure or solve problems.

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Which one of the following is important to provide dependable transportation service and to foster economic development?

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One of the current trends in Operations and Supply Chain Management is Sustainable Supply Chain Management, which encourages supply chain managers to consider the three bottom lines listed below, except

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Marisol is using an organizing process in her business. How will the final outcome of this process address position of Marisol as the boss of the company?

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college or university bookshop wants to get some insights into how students feel about the shop’s merchandise, prices and service. What type of research would be appropriate in the following situation

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Why is active listening important in integrative bargaining?

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When all the different stages of a supply chain work toward the objective of maximizing total supply chain profitability, rather than each stage devoting itself to its own profitability without considering total supply chain profit, it is known as

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Which of the following is an example of a non-documentary trade barrier?

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The properties of e-money that should be considered in transactions as how well money holds its value over time and how easy money is to store, and access called______.

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It is cheaper to transport goods in a single 1000 km shipment than in two shipments of 500 km each. Which principle does this refer to?

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Make-to-stock operational strategy is similar to one of the following Supply chain strategies, which one is the SC strategy?

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Which term refers to the transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another during transit?

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Which supply chain planning function determines how much product is needed to satisfy all customer demands?

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Which of the following is not a process commonly considered in making products or delivering services?

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What does the term “free trade zone” refer to?

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The set of shared beliefs and values that underlie a company’s identity is referred to as:

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A certain type of computer costs $1,000, and the annual holding cost is 25% of the value of the item. Annual demand is 10,000 units, and the order cost is $150 per order. What is the approximate economic order quantity?

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What is the purpose of a bill of lading in logistics management?

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Which one of the following wrong procedure in the international competitive bidding?

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Which of the following elements is NOT involved in the controlling process?

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The sales of cycle in a shop in four consecutive months are given as 70, 68, 82, and 95. Exponentially smoothing average method with a smoothing factor of 0.4 is used in forecasting. The expected number of sales in the next month is.

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A supply chain driven by actual customer orders or purchases follows a ________ model.

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Which one of the features of e-commerce indicated as it can be everywhere?

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Which one of the following is not the objectives of negotiation?

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Assume that, AU has recently decided to install a new IT system to improve the efficiency of its payroll function. AU believes this will reduce the cost of running the payroll system by 15%. Which one of the following levels of strategy is the above IT system most closely linked to?

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A cost trade-off is a situation where:

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Sam is a sales manager at a car dealership. He is instituting a salesperson of the month program where the top seller gets a plaque to hang on their office wall along with a free lunch. Sam is using _____ power.

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Which of the following is not a reason that negotiations fail?

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The ___________ concept suggests that the customer desires a product offering that is highly tailored to the customer’s exact preferences.

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Which one of the following objectives must be a simultaneously achieve to logistical integration?

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Alpha Company has a performance standard of 97% fill rate. Last month it achieved a 94% fill rate. This is an example of…

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Which one of the following supply chain phenomena describing small fluctuations in demand at the retail level can cause progressively larger fluctuations in demand at the wholesale, distributor, or raw materials supplier?

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Identify the wrong statement regarding contract management and contract administration

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Competitiveness does not include

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What is operations management?

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Senayit Gemechu works as a sales manager at a telecom firm. The company has recently launched a new product in the market. Her work in the next few weeks involves sharing knowledge about the product with her team members. She will also need to inspire them to reach their sales targets and clarify any doubts about the new product. Which of the following roles is Senayit playing?

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There are five main areas of performance in a logistics measurement system. Which of the five areas measures how cost-effective the organization is at meeting consumer requirements?

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