forestry model exam today


forestry model exam today

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One of the following indicates total number of species found in a sample area

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What is the primary goal of forest economics?

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Of the following, one is miss- matched

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Which one of the following forest harvesting system is preferred for the establishment of an even-aged stand?

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_____ Is Species which have relatively large habitat/area requirements and saving them automatically saves many other species

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Which one of the following is odd?

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In NTFP management natural regeneration is one option, which of the following condition/s are appropriate for this management option

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Which of the following chemical constituent of wood is responsible for odor, color and decay resistance?

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Which of the following is the correct order of classification, from most specific to most broad?

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What does the term ‘silviculture’ represents in agroforestry?

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Which one of the following datum is not necessary during record keeping?

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Homegarden consists of the following components except one

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A PFM which takes place in forests on “village land” and managed by the village council

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The system used to name all living organisms is properly called ________.

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What sometimes referred to as the “profitability index” of a project?

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All are silvicultural practices that applied in natural forest to sustainably meet the needs of the society except:

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What is the Net Present Value (NPV) used for in forest investment analysis?

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If a wood borer attack some of the trees in Cordia africana forest and you intend to prevent the borer by applying of chemicals. Which of the following activities you will apply to manage the existed wood borer.

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The processes of replacement of the original growing forest by artificial forest stands over a fairly large area is called:

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      Assume you wanted to determine the rotation ages of forest by using the economic and biological criteria; which of the following is TRUE about the rotation age of forest?

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Sawmilling is the process of operating sawmills and it can be operated through different techniques. Which one of the following is not a technique of sawing in sawmill?

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In which of the following sawing method, heartwood and sapwood are not separated

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I f the seed not conserved at low temperature and with low moisture, the seed is said to be:——-

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Sustainability of a given forest resource can be validated through application of different sustainability measuring pillars. What those pillars used to confirm sustainability of forest resource?

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  Forest management plan can be categorized into various types based on the time period for how long the plan is developed. Among those forest management plans, which one is the shortest period plan?

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Which one of the following does not represent sampling units in forest inventory?

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Which one of the following Agroforestry’s attributes concerned with farmers’ perception?

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Forest management plan is a detailed written document that is constituted by combination of different basic elements. One of the following not basic element of forest planning

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     Principle is a kind of rule, belief or an idea that governs what need are doing. One of the following is not the principle of sustainable forestry?

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In which succession stage shade-intolerant understory species begin to disappear and the plant community becomes dominated by trees?

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  One of the following is example of natural high forests in Ethiopia?

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Which one of the following establishment process of PFM indicate adherence to the forest management agreement by the community forest management group?

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What type of Agroforestry is coffe production?

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    Forest diseases can be caused either of biological or abiotic causative agents. Which one of the following is not biotic sourced diseases?

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Which one of the following is production-enhancing interactions in TAI?

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Which of the following factors is most likely to influence the economic value of forestland?

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What are the Characteristics of Fodder trees?

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One of the following is a component of forest management plan is used to describe the status forest resource and other resources.

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___Reflects the income that could be generated from other opportunities the investor might have for his funds

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Which one of the following is not considered during measurement of volume of felled log?

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Which one of the following is not the effect of spacing on the stand quality?

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Which one of the following represent a property write which is both excludable and rival

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Which economic concept is used to compare the present value of forest revenues with their future value?

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Which one of the following is true about spacing?

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Which of the following techniques is not appropriate to protect the forest resource from fire?

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Which of the following is wrong regarding distribution of biodiversity?

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Why People tend to have income now than in the future?

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Of the following, one is odd

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What do we call the process of determining the present value of money that is to be received in the future?

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What is an inflation result from a rapid increase in demand for goods and services than supply of goods and services?

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Which one of the following is incorrect?

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What is allelopathic effect in Agroforestry?

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Which one of the following is correct about Agroforestry and monoculture?

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All are the characteristics of unclassified seed source except one

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Which one of the following is not the disadvantages of close spacing?

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Which one of the following agroforestry type is based on spatial arrangement of components?

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Which one of the following is said to be hazardous condition for plantation?

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Of the following, one is odd

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What are values that are not associated with actual use, or even the option to use a good or servic?

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What is the most commonly used tool for estimating the monetary value of environmental amenities that are not traded in formal markets?

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The oldest wood working machine that used for turning pieces of wood on its axis to produce various cylindrical and circular shapes

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   Which of the following are the reasons why botanists use scientific name rather than common names,Except?

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  The names of taxa at the rank of family are written as

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Identify correct statement from the following alternatives

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The removing of multiple stems from trees leaving a single stem is called:

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Why we need to measure biodiversity?

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Which of the following investment criteria is most appropriate for comparing forest projects with different scales and time horizons

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Which one of the following is taken as a response to reduce the effect of tapering in volume calculation?

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Which property is different from the other?

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Who will take into account only the payments and charges made by the entrepreneurs to the outside suppliers of various productive factors?

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In which one of the following production objectives do the thickness and length of wood fibers are more desired?

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  Regarding to nursery site, One of the following is odd among others

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Which one of the following is not among factors affecting tree growth and species choice?

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The act or process of transversely cutting the stem or branches of a felled tree into logs is:

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Which one of the following is not the characteristics of Agroforestry?

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    Which of the following is true regarding to pathogen, environment and host in forest disease?

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What refers to “the money available at the present time is more worth than the same amount in the future due to its interest paid or earned”?

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Collection of gum and resign by producing artificial wound is called _________

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What are the characteristics of windbreak species?

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Which of the following is incorrect regarding to forest management plan?

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What is a major challenge in applying forest economics in developing countries?

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Which one of the following is mostly serving as mediator in the stakeholder of PFM.

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  From the following Alternatives which one is the drawback of payback period?

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Decentralized forest management is one indicator for good forest governance. Why it is important?

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What represents actual expenditure incurred on various inputs used in the production process?

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In forest investment analysis, the term “discount rate” refers to:

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________ represents the rate of change of species composition along an environmental or geographic gradient

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Which one of the following is not the key wright of forest Gatherers?

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Identify the correct statement/s regarding nurse crop

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The forest that established and managed primarily for ameliorating climate, checking soil erosion and conserve biodiversity is:

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Which one of the following is a common component for both tactical and strategic harvesting plan?

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Which one of the following is odd?

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What is the value of basal area of a tree if the circumference at breast height is 60 cm?

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The distance between ground level and the terminal point of the last usable portion of the tree is:

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In Ethiopia PFM approach has been first introduced By FARM Africa to manage:

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Assume that you have a 200ha of forest land and you want to do forest inventory by taking 8 sample plots of 20m by 20m. How many ha will be the size of your sample plot?

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If the nursery man desires to determine the identity of mother trees, which one of the following seed collection method is more applicable?

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What is the objective of Agroforestry?

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If you are employed in a certain herbarium project and assigned to collect specimen, which of the following selection criteria you did not consider to select specimen?

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Which of the following is the unique feature that separates hardwoods from softwoods?

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